Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter

So this week was very wonderful. We were super busy throughout the whole week and then had a great weekend with General Conference ( It was awesome. I'm so greatful to have a living prophet on the Earth today with Apostles to guide and lead the church as God directs. The talks were so amazing. 

I told the family that I was watching it with, that if each of them asked me one question, that with the help of General Conference, we could find the answers. After the First session of General Conference, All of the questions were answered. It was amazing. It shows that the talks given were inspired. It was truly amazing. 

I hope that anyone who did not watch General Conference will take the opportunity on to watch the talks given. It was so wonderful when they spoke about eternal families, marriage and the promises given to those by God through scripture who love Him and keep His commandments.

 I am running a little low on time but I will say this. 

I know that the Prophets are called of God and that they are the reason this Church flourishes and that its members are so blessed. I have never been so happy. This gospel is true and its fruits are good and ready to be partaken of. 

Happy Easter. 

Elder Irvine

On P-day (preparation day) last week, we were able to do a little hiking.  These pics are from this little adventure.

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