Monday, April 27, 2015

This is a good friend of mine! We are from the same ward haha. He is really awesome and he looks good! We were sitting while emailing and all of the sudden he stood up and I turned around and there he was! HE WAS BEHIND ME FOR LIKE 40 MINUTES OR MORE! Haha His name is Elder Avery and he is a boss! He picked me up on his shoulder, haha, which brought back memories! He has been out just over a year.   So I got here the transfer before his year mark! Isnt that awesome! He will still be here for a good bit of my mission.  haha Thats really cool. 
Finding a little piece of Home with Elder Avery!

Good to know some things never Change!!

We should all look for God's hand in our life more. If we do, we will see why it really is easy to be positive a lot more. Its really nice! :) 

I love yall! Hope everyone is doing wonderful.  But if not, look for God's hand in your life.  I promise your spirit will be lifted. It's awesome. 

Me being a boss spraying some poison for Service.

Awesome cowboy boots given to me by a Vietnam Vet!  Yes, I did wear them.

Something that reminded me of home.

Elder Irvine

Elder Irvine!

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