Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hey Ya'll

Ok so...I am missing southern cooking now. But, it's ok. They do their best here! :D 

My companion and I are giving talks in sacrament next week and we have two people set to be baptized on the 28th at 7. Super excited. Elder Lira  and I ride our bikes on this one road a lot and it's super fun because there is this truck that every time it passes, it tries to fling gravel at us with its tires. haha It's super funny. It just makes me want to chase the truck and talk to him about Jesus Christ! :) 

Anyways, I'm loving it out here. I'm almost to 6 months. That's very strange. I'm almost 1/4th of the way done with my mission....WOAH. I guess it is a good thing it's going by fast. I really hope I can continue in my learning and growth after my mission. 

I think it's interesting when I hear someone say they have been "saved" but they are the same person they were before. If you haven't changed at all then what have you been "saved" from? Im not sure if that makes sense but I hope it does. We are meant to become better by following Jesus Christ and becoming more like him. Do our best and He will do the rest. But it's important to do our best. I don't think He said "follow me"  or "if ye love me, keep my commandments" just for fun. I think He meant it. "Be ye therefor perfect, even as your Father, which is in Heaven is perfect." Through the enabling power and saving power of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us, we can be made perfect. But we have a part to play too, otherwise He wouldn't have need to tell us anything. 

Anyways love yall! 

Your friend, Elder Sawyer Irvine.

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