Monday, February 23, 2015

Short One

Im sorry this is gonna be a little short but I am going to try and type fast so please excuse the errors! We have dinner from the members every night....Its pretty much amazingness. I also have something to admit to everyone.....I believe the first time I have ever had a Baked potato has been on my mission....It was like the second night out....Never had one before. Everyone up here thinks im crazy because of that! I love it up here though. 

The work is progressing so well I cant wait to send everyone pictures of the first people we Baptize. Two dates that we have are March 12th and March 28th!  I cant wait! I wish everyone could see how wonderful this is. As you see people progress in the Gospel of Christ they are given so much more light in their life. That's what is so great about the Book of Mormon, It is a whole other testament of Jesus Christ! It gives you the opportunity to know him better to line your life more perfectly with his. It just brings so much happiness and joy into these families lives and into mine! 

Down our Main street here
I love the personal relationship I am nurturing and developing with my Heavenly Father! I know that my Heavenly Father is perfect and will not change and because of that I know that He continues to direct His children today through a modern day Prophet. I know that he does this because He loves us and because He wants whats best for us. I know that He will never stop loving us because He is our Perfect Father. I have done my best to live this doctrine in all my life and I have witnessed and state a testimony to you of the divinity of this great work. Nothing in my life has every brought me such joy and happiness. And with God all my questions are fulfilled and through Jesus Christ all my worries may be comforted and all my pains are softened.
Elder Irvine

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