Monday, February 16, 2015

Month Mark

Hey Yall!
So Valentines day was my month mark....just saying. My companion and I have three baptismal dates set with two more on the way hopefully. Its pretty awesome! I might be loosing my trainer at this next transfer :( He has been in this area 6 months, including the month that we have been together. Technically I have more training left but since he has been here so long I might be given another trainer to finish the job. Im praying I don't lose Elder Cornell haha He is the best trainer ever! We are just "ballin" together.  We have so much success and we both have such strong convictions to be out here. Working out is so much fun in the morning and it feels so great and it helps wake us up to start the day. Ive loved gaining a better understanding of how even some rules may seem unnecessary, when you obey with exactness your work is blessed.
Boy our hair is short!
One of the members in our ward gave me and my companion steaks to take that member....anyways I cooked them for my companion and I haha it was soo good. I cooked his medium rare as well as mine and they were just like mmmmmmmmmm.
It was divine!

People sometimes think that we are cops at night time because we have to ride our bikes with reflective vest. So if we walk in anywhere we look like cops a little bit its really funny haha.

But once they realize we are missionaries they are either really nice or they get that look on their face saying, "Don't look them in the eye.....don't make eye contact." It's so funny the assumptions people make of us haha.

I think its really funny when someone tells us we are not Christian and we just point to our name tags and discuss how we are saved through the grace of Christ and that he is risen again. They just look so confused. Anyways, I hope ya'll are looking for the blessings in your life and thanking God each day for all that he has given us.

Sawdog, Elder Irvine

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