Tuesday, February 3, 2015

First Week in the Field!

My awesome companion

Hey Everyone! The first week has been amazing! Me and my companion have seen many blessings, prayers answered, and miracles. I got my bike thursday I think, from my awesome dad and we have been biking every day all day! Unless we are teaching a lesson or sharing a message of course haha. 

Headed out in the cold rain :)

Its been raining almost every day and its supposed to continue to rain for the rest of this week. Good times. One of the best parts is when we leave our apartment each morning, praying and asking for protection, guidance, rest, and physical and spiritual strength, and then seeing all of those things given to us throughout our day. We bike long distances every day and its cold rain and since its so flat here you are always peddling non stop. But we don't tire out and sometimes when we start to feel some pain you can just feel this boost of energy that gets us to our next destination. Its all about that extra step or peddle of faith. 

Our Pad

I love it out here, I have seen people's composure and emotional states change as we talk to them and ask them to do things like reading or praying and committing to being baptized.


It's wonderful out here! I love you all! Stay classy!!! 

Elder Irvine

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