Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Made it to Boise Idaho

Jan 28, 2014

I made it to Boise Idaho!!! Its really great out here. The people are much nicer here than in TN when it comes to not wanting to hear about the gospel, and you don't get as many weird looks when walking with a missionary name tag on haha. I hope everyone is doing great! I get to email today just because I got here but Mondays will be my normal email day after this. My senior companion is awesome. We have a complete day scheduled today and have to go shopping and just great stuff!!! I love this. It's so much fun. Like the spirit is always there and you're walking around that there is nothing wrong about your purpose out here. We are just trying to bring more happiness to the people we meet. I love yall! This is so much fun! I cant even begin to explain it adequately. I hope I get to make some nice food for my companions haha good southern food. I want to make us some Key Lime pie from our restaurant so I'm hoping haha. There is this area up here that is the Idaho City mission and it is like really big up in the mountains but it only has a total of 3000 people who live there! I hope I get to serve up there it would be so much fun! I love you all haha Ill talk to everyone later!!!!

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