Monday, January 26, 2015

A Little Mess at the MTC

Another amazing companion
My amazing companion
Look who I found at the MTC!

So I have a pretty amusing story for everyone.  I will admit though that it involves me getting um......sick to my stomach and then the after effects of that:) I felt that I should share this one funny story because I cant share all that I have out here but this one is pretty awesome. So I have 7 Elders in my district and while we were at our last dinner together sunday night, because 5 of them left this morning and me and my companion leave tomorrow morning, we decided to have a Chocolate Milk drinking challenge right after we just ate a taco salad dinner. It was just me and one other Edler that mentioned the Idea and then my companion jumped up and filled up to big glasses of chocolate milk and someone started a timer and said "go." So we both got the first glasses down pretty fast but then my companion ran and got two more glasses. I could see the distress in the other Elders face I was competing against and Im pretty sure my face was mirroring his expression. But my companion said "Elder Irvine if you finish this glass you win!" and so I got the last glass down as quick as I could and the other Elder finished a few seconds after I did. I had won. But then I suggested that me and that Elder take a trip to the bathroom. We made it out of the cafeteria door and my body got pay back and I.....returned....the chocolate milk from my stomach to the world in the middle of the main hall way in the main building at the MTC!!! It was so graceful. So after that me and the Elder made it to the bathroom and I had another incident on the floor and then that Elder had two instances in the trash can. It was one of the funniest things that had happened so far and definitely a strong building experience between me and that Elder!! There has also been a lot of amazing experiences haha! Me and my companion are the Zone leaders or were, and so we were given the privilege of welcoming the new batch of elders and sisters into our zone this last wednesday. We have become very close and they have really grown. Its amazing to see what this work 
can do for people in just two weeks. I cant wait to see how different I will be in two years!!! So me and my
companion leave tomorrow morning at 435 A.M. so I have a lot to prepare! I love everyone and hope that 
you all are doing fantastic! One of my favorite quotes from a general authority in The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints is "You can either be stupid and be miserable or you can be smart and be happy."
 - Gordon B. Hinckley. 

Elder Irvine
My New Bros

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