Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Bump on the Head

Well I don't like having to write for Sawyer 2 weeks in a row, but this week he's not able due to a bump on the head and 5 staples in the head.   Boys!!!

Apparently he was trying to help a lady take apart some furniture so they could toss in a dumpster and when he hit a piece of the furniture with whatever he had in his hands...a board from the furniture flipped around and hit his head.  Why do boys enjoy destroying things????

Unfortunately, he has been placed on bed rest until he is symptom free (no nausea and no headache) for 24 hours.  Before the bump however he had a great week.  He was able to go hiking with his district last P-day and sent some great pics.

Sword fighting

Boys being boys!

My cutie pie!

Thank you everyone for your support.  Sawyer sends his love!



  1. Sawyer we are praying God removes all your nausea and pain? In Jesus name Amen!!!
    Mercy you scared us! We love ya?